Emil Jönrup och Tommy Eriksson på Jönrup & Eriksson Patentbyrå

Jönrup & Eriksson is now IPCOs Primary Agent in patent issues. We have taken a further step in our cooperation with IPCO by an Engagement Letter with IPCO Sweden and we are now their Primary Agent in patent issues. It creates conditions for even better patent advising with business focus. It further means that we from now on handle IPCO Swedens complete patent portfolio. We very much look forward to an involved cooperation with IPCO.

A small patent agency with great expertise

We help you to protect your inventions in order to support your business objectives in the best possible way. This is done with dedication and great expertise in patent law.

Our ambition is to offer the best possible advice and first-class patent services at reasonable prices.

Each of us has more than 20 years of experience working with patents and related topics associated to technology development.

Our agency promises you continuity with the patent consultant, who handles your cases, which in turn gives us in-depth knowledge of your business as well as enables us to work fast and efficiently.

We focus on the core tasks of patent cases and strive to minimise administration costs and overheads.

What we offer

  • Direct contact with an experienced patent consultant handling all your cases.
  • Creation of patent applications to provide optimal protection.
  • Strategic advice to maximise the value of filed patents.

Start-ups and IP

Intellectual property rights, particularly patents, are seen as concrete assets that make a start-up company more attractive.

In order for the patents to be considered as high-value assets, it is important for these to protect the current technology to ensure that the business objectives are supported in the best possible way.

That is why the quality of a patent is important and often crucial when it comes to the evaluation.

Jönrup och Eriksson kundmöte gällande patent och patentstrategi

Our services

Patents all over the world

We are authorised European Patent Attorneys and represent clients before the European Patent Office (EPO) as well as the Swedish Patent and Registration Office (PRV).

We have great experience in international patent processes and with the help of a network of business partners, we manage patent cases all over the world.

Most companies feel it is sufficient to file patent applications to cover their larger markets, such as Europe, USA and China. There is however a possibility to apply for a patent in a large number of countries by filing a single, international application; a so-called PCT application.

What our clients say about us

”We have worked with Jönrup & Eriksson for several years and are very pleased with this partnership.”

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Thomas Avasalu,
Acting VP Legal & IP,
China Euro Vehicle Technology AB

“Jönrup & Eriksson supported us in patenting a new concept. They guided us through the patent drafting process and made sure that we understood the details.”

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Dale Buckley
CEO- Global Group

“During our cooperation, Jönrup & Eriksson has proved to be reliable, forward looking and flexible. Just what IPCO needs”

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Per Kreij
Site manager